James Cullen Room and Village Music Alliance presents the first annual Battle of the Bands!

We are so excited that you are interested in the contest! We hope to create an awesome experience even if you don’t come out on top as the “winner”.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • We will be limiting this year’s entries to 10 slots. That can be solo, duo or full band.
  • Original music is preferred but not required.
  • This will be done in two rounds. The first on Friday June 16th and round two will be Saturday June 17th.
  • The winner will be the opening act at the Fourth of July celebration in Brainerd. This is great exposure for you as you will be in front of thousands of people!


Friday – June 16th

  • Everyone will play on Friday night and judges will decide who is moving on to Saturdays finals.
  • 15-minute sets for everybody in the first round as we need to keep things moving.
  • Music will start at 5:30 and you will have 10 min between artists. Going over this time will deduct from your overall score.

Saturday – June 17th

  • Music will begin at 6:00.
  • Each artist will get a half an hour set.
  • You will get 15 mins to change between artists. Again, any time taken over the 15 mins comes off of your final score.


Judging criteria

  • You will be judged on the following…
  • Talent 

    How well do you play/sing? 



    Set up and breakdown time, 

    Introductions, acknowledgements, etc. 

    Visual Presentation 

    Stage presence, clothes, costuming, actions on stage, etc. 


    Song Writing 

    How well are songs written musically and lyrically 



    Was the sound balanced? 



    What makes you different or unique? 


    Group Dynamic 

    How well do you play/sing with one another? 


    Audience Response 

    How enthusiastic is the audience? 




  • Entry fee is as follows. $30 for solo artists and $50 duo/bands. This includes a T-shirt for each person playing on stage. The entry fee covers the prize and expenses of the contest.
  • We ask that you stay for all the bands and support each other. Winners will be announced at the end of the night. So I guess you kind of have to stay!
  • Remember that you, your band and the crowd you bring reflect you. Any disrespect of the venue, it’s gear, other people and other artists gear, will be a deduction on your final score. We want everyone to have fun but we also need to respect the venue and others.


I think that’s about it. We will be working hard on next years Battle of the Bands. Watch as it gets better and better each year! Join us this year and try to claim the title of being the first Battle of the Bands winner!


Any questions please email Shawn at jamescullenroom@gmail.com

Good luck to all the bands!

Organizers reserve the right to adjust, modify and/or clarify the rules of the event at any time for any reason.
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